Anden A710V3 VLGR Dehumidifier

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The Anden A710V3 Dehumidifier is designed for cultivation from the ground up. It utilizes innovative可变速度,低谷物制冷剂技术(VLGR专利申请)交付maximum performance and efficiencythroughout the grow cycle. That means you canmaximize your moisture removal capacitymaintain tight control over Vapor Pressure Deficit在晚期培养期间,通过调节制冷系统以匹配负载。

安登 - 定ld乐动官方型铣削


  • 710 Pints/day– The most water removal for your investment
  • VLGR Technology– Delivers energy efficiency and allows for the smoothest environmental control over your grow
  • Maximize VPD– The Anden A710V3 is optimized for grow, giving you the power to maximize VPD across all grow conditions, including during the crucial late flower stage
  • Runs on 30-Amp Breaker– The only dehumidifier on the market with a capacity of 500+ pints that can operate on a standard 30-amp breaker
  • 1760 CFM @ 0.0”- 强大的循环有助于有效地从空气中清除水分
  • 高效节能– Removes up to 3 liters per kilowatt hour, helping minimize operational costs
  • Easy Filters– The self-sealing, MERV 11 air filter protects the unit’s vital components, plus it’s easy to replace
  • Flexible Installation- 预安装的电插头很容易删除用于硬接线应用程序。另外,暂停,独立或管道安装的选项
  • Safety Checks– Terminals on the dehumidifier make it easy to install a float switch to protect against overflows
  • Digital Interface– On-board monitoring enables precise settings and simple diagnostics
  • 遥控- 包括Model A77遥控措施在冠层高度处相对湿度,以最佳控制您的生长环境(可用升级选项),并从除湿器中继电器诊断
  • 建造为持久- 可靠性是我们所做的核心。这就是为什么我们对该产品提供5年保修。
  • 电压 -The A710V3 is designed for use with 277VAC power.



安登 - 定ld乐动官方型铣削


重量 396 lbs
方面 45 × 35 × 32 in