25oz SportMix Wholesomes Heidi’s Jerky Sticks Grain-Free Dog Treats


Key Benefits

  • Free of artificial flavors, colors, grain and gluten, making these jerky strips paw-fect for your pal with a sensitive tummy.
  • USA-raised chicken and egg proteins aid in muscle development so your furry friend is as strong as he can be.
  • An abundance of proteins provides your pal with the energy needed for tons of adventures.
  • Featuring nutrient- and fiber-rich wholesome veggies that were grown on US farms.
  • Prepared in the USA at family-owned kitchens, because home-cooked just tastes better!


Heidi loves these soft, delicious jerky sticks! Bold, smoky flavor and tasty US farm-raised chicken convinces her to show her best tricks. Tasty proteins and wholesome vegetables help keep her muscles strong and energy high so she’s ready to learn any new command. Made without grain or gluten and no artificial colors or flavors, each treat gives Heidi a nutritious reward for her good behavior. “Heidi, roll over!”